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NV NICK VERREOS.....Fall 2015 Fashion Presentation "NV by Nick Verreos" on EVINE Live Shopping Channel: Recap!

Nick Verreos Presents Fall 2015 "NV by Nick Verreos" collection on EVINE Live TV Shopping Channel

Last week, I was back on the EVINE Live TV Shopping Network, premiering my NV by Nick Verreos Fall collection. After my very successful launch in May, showing my Spring/Summer collection, I was so excited to bring my new Fall line to EVINE Live.

Nick Verreos--EVINE Live headquarters, Eden Prairie Minnesota

EVINE Live host Wendi Russo and Nick Verreos--with model Kat wearing "NV Nick Verreos" faux leather top with jersey sleeves and "NV Nick Verreos" knit jersey jogger pants

The NV Nick Verreos Fall collection was inspired by The Orient Express: Paris to Tallahassee, Las Vegas, LA, Dallas, and beyond! I think of my "NV" woman as a Style Traveler. Last season was all about the Italian Riviera and for Fall, she's inspired by The Orient Express and the stylish visions of traveling to the Near and Far East and picking up pieces that make Style Statements in her wardrobe...

NV Nick Verreos Fall 2015 Inspirations + Fashion Sketches

Here are some fun photos of the two days I was on EVINE Live premiering my NV Nick Verreos Fall collection:

What goes with my new Fall 2015 NV Nick Verreos line? Jewelry/Accessories from the EVINE Live "Jewelry Table"--Backstage at EVINE Live TV Shopping Network

Nick Verreos with model Ashley in "NV Nick Verreos" Fall 2015 printed knit jersey faux wrap dress--backstage at EVINE Live TV Shopping Network

Models showing my "NV Nick Verreos" EVINE Live knit jersey printed faux wrap dress--available HERE for only $68!

Nick's Angels: Striking a "Charlie's Angels" pose with EVINE Live host Wendi Russo and my models in "NV Nick Verreos" woven felt open front jacket/vest with faux leather details and pockets

Nick Verreos on EVINE Live--showing his new "NV Nick Verreos" textured stretch knit cold shoulder blouson jumpsuit--available HERE for just $79!

NV Nick Verreos faux leather and jersey top---Nick Verreos and EVINE Live host Wendi Russo+ models--Top is available HERE!

Model showing my new "NV Nick Verreos" EVINE Live sequined quilted zip-up vest--EVINE Live TV Shopping Network--SHOP for the sequined puffy vest HERE for just $62.25!

Nick Verreos and EVINE Live host Wendi Russo showing the new "NV Nick Verreos" woven felt with faux leather detail open front jacket/vest--EVINE Live TV Shopping Network --Shop the jacket/vest HERE!

Models showing the "NV Nick Verreos" 3/4 Dolman Sleeve Tie-Waist Trench Coat on EVINE Live TV Shopping Network--Shop for the coat HERE for just $78!

The "NV Nick Verreos" Blouse--Models Kat and Ashley on stage showing my new "NV Nick Verreos" Shark-bite hem band-collar blouse with embellished detail--Shop HERE

Le Dress: Nick Verreos and EVINE Live host Wendi Russo + models showing my "NV Nick Verreos" knit jersey cowl drape neckline with mini cap sleeves dress--Shop the dress HERE for just $58!

The NV Ponte Dress: Nick Verreos and models Kat and Ashley showing my new "NV Nick Verreos" EVINE Live V-neck fitted sheath dress in ponte with metallic stud detail--Get it HERE!

Nick Verreos--with David Paul--EVINE Live headquarters--Eden Prairie Minnesota

SHOP my latest "NV Nick Verreos" Fall line HERE on EVINE Live!

Look à la Carrie Bradshaw

Maria is on fashion
Because their style will never die thanks to one of the most talented and surprising stylist, Patricia Field. As I promised few posts ago today I prepared an outfit "Get The Look"  kind, inspired by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw interpreted by Sarah Jessica Parker.
The idea pop up in my mind as soon as I came across this forgotten dress in the back of the dressing, I must admit at the time when the dress was made the inspiration came from Gwyneth Paltrow and not from Carrie Bradshaw. Because lately my turbans are getting multiplied all together fit perfectly with these wonderful sandals which I get them for my birthday and I literally feel I want to sleep wearing them so much I adore them!
Until next time stay fashion!
From Romania with love!

"I like my money right
where I can see it ...
hanging in my closet."
                                                - Carrie Bradshaw
Pentru ca stilul lor nu va muri niciodata si asta datorita unuia dintre cei mai talentati si surprinzatori stilisti, Patricia Field. 
Asa acum am promis cateva postari in urma azi am pregatit o tinuta gen "Get the look" inspiratia fiind nimeni alta decat Carrie Bradshaw interpretata de Sarah Jessica Parker.
Ideea mi-a venit imediat ce am dat peste aceasta rochie uitata de ceva vreme in dulap, trebuie sa recunosc totusi ca la vremea cand a fost facuta inspiratia a venit de la Gwyneth Paltrow si nu de la Carrie Bradshaw. Si cum in ultima perioada turbanele mele fac pui totul s-a potrivit de minune cu aceste minunate sandale pe care le-am primit de ziua mea si cu care imi vine sa dorm la propriu. Atat de mult le ador!
Pana data viitoare ramaneti in tendinte!
Din Iasi cu dragoste!

Carrie Bradshaw look
"Shopping is my cardio."
                                                 - Carrie Bradshaw

Look à la Carrie Bradshaw
Turban albastru
Sandale aurii
Geanta portocalie

Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award

© Alyssa Monique Bustillo

It feels so great when you nominated me in Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award Emotera Goddess . I am really thankful! So here are the answers in the questions you gave me:

What made you decide to start blogging?
My cousin Shaira Manalo of missdream-girl was a blogger before me she always have bragging rights at our house when it comes to blogging. Yeah, we live at the same house, we are very close cousins too. Well me and my sister Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs was encouraged by her to make a blog. 

How did you came up with your blog name and blog url?
I came up with my blog name as, well let me break it to you. Style is because I integrate my blog as lifestyle blog. Eccentric is because that is just how my personality is. Fashion is because I love fashion of course. So all in all Style+Eccentric+Fashion= Styleccentric Fashion (SCF). By the way my current blog url is just my name and if I could further earn more money I'll change it to dot com.

What is your number one blogging DON’T?
For me my number one blogging don't is that one must not plagiarize content from others. Be you. Be original. Be unique.

What are your trade secrets in gaining lots of follower on your social media accounts?
My principle in gaining loads of followers in my social media is if someone follows me I'll follow back. I engage a lot as well or stay active in my social media accounts.

Do you plan your blog post or #OOTD post?
No. When there is an inspiration I just do it. I post using my instincts.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Actually I have no desire of anything in particular as a child. I do not have a picturesque imagery of what I may become in the future when I was a child.

Aside from blogging what are the hobbies you enjoy?
I love music of course I play loads of musical instruments, you could visit my soundcloud if you want. I love watching anime as well. 

Do you want to learn any specific languages? Why?
I want to learn Arabic. I am a resident in UAE and yet I still do not know how to speak fluent Arabic. Even if I am currently staying in Philippines I will always comeback there in UAE so I better learn Arabic!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
Currently I have no specifics of where I would want to travel. Because honestly I want to travel everywhere!

If you were to give a newbie blogger an advice on blogging, what would it be?
My advice to newbie bloggers is that you should have a well designed template that is both attractive and systematic for promoting your posts and sponsors, and sharing your other social media accounts. When making a post the content should be interesting so that you will gain readership. Your image posts should be colorful and should leave an impression. Lastly one must engage with your readers through comments and be consistently active in your blog.


My Nominees are
// crafty-zone // makeupoholics // Florals & Smiles // Sara Wallflower // ellafairytale // Liaslife // Bangs Bang // indiansavage // fashionelja // a-cupofrain //


My Questions are:

How did Blogging changed your life?

How do you describe yourself and your blog?

What is your best single post?

What are some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

What type of social media do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?

How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up
and running?

Are you trying to make money through blogging? 

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world.

To accept this award, here are the rules:
Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
Put the award logo on your blog.
Answer the ten questions they have set you.
Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. Nominate ten people.

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NIKOLAKI.....CW "Jane the Virgin" Actress Andrea Navedo wears NIKOLAKI gown to the 30th Annual Imagen Awards

 Divina: "CW's "Jane the Virgin" Actress Andrea Navedo wears NIKOLAKI printed silk chiffon gown to 30th Annual Imagen Awards--Dorothy Chandler Pavilion  Los Angeles

The 30th Annual Imagen Foundation Awards were held last week on Friday August 21st at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.  The Imagen (Spanish for image) Awards is a premier Latino entertainment awards event honoring positive portrayals and creative excellence of Latinos and Latino cultures in television and film.

"Best Supporting Actress--Television" Nominee, Andrea Navedo of CW's "Jane the Virgin" TV show wore our gorgeous NIKOLAKI "Amalfi Coast" silk chiffon gown to the awards. The gown features a watercolor-like print on silk chiffon, a gathered front, fitted waist and side-front slit. I think she looked AMAZING! She was styled by the very talented Eric Himel.

Congratulations! It was doubly wonderful to see Navedo take home the "Best Supporting Actress--Television" award that evening as well! --Actress Andrea Navedo--in NIKOLAKI gown--with her "Best Supporting Actress--Television" Imagen Award, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Los Angeles

La Mas Bella: "CW's "Jane the Virgin" Actress Andrea Navedo wears NIKOLAKI printed silk chiffon gown to 30th Annual Imagen Awards--Dorothy Chandler Pavilion  Los Angeles

NIKOLAKI "Amalfi Coast" printed silk chiffon gown with gathered front and side-front slit

Friday, August 28, 2015

PROJECT RUNWAY RECAPS....."Project Runway" Season 14 Recaps--EPISODE 4: "Cityscape Style" The Mary Kay Challenge

"Project Runway" Episode 4 Collage: "Dizzy Blake", Wonky Hems, Tim, Luis and NYC, Edmond "Coal Miner" and Neon Mood Bags

This past week on Lifetime's Season 14 "Project Runway", it was time for the Mary Kay Challenge: to create a look inspired by an "Iconic" fashion staple (trench coat, LBD, sheath dress, etc) PLUS...

Tim Gunn, Luis Casco...and the NYC skyline--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway" Lifetime Network

...It had to have some essence of the NYC skyline. Why? Because, Mary Kay just launched a new makeup line inspired by the cityscape of Manhattan and its architecture...or so Luis Casco, Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist, tells us.

But first, it was time to go to Mood Fabrics NYC for the first time this season and check out...

Neon Plastic See-Thru Mood Bags! I want some!!!--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Back in the workroom, little Blake could not tell time...

Oh, I Didn't Realize the Little Hand was for the Minutes: Oh Blake Patterson, I just CAN'T with you. As your fellow contestant said, either you're dumb or acting dumb, either's NOT CUTE! And PS: shouldn't you know some mathematics basics when you're making garments??? What is 1/4" plus 1/2" ? Pretend you know.

Coal Miner Edmond:

He's Prepared, Huney: I just about fell off my couch when I saw Edmond wearing this coal miner's headlamp as he was draping and pinning...God Bless Him! He came PREPARED HUUUUUNEEEYYY!!!! He's been auditioning for "Project Runway" since the first season; back in 2005. So....yeah, that boy came ready!


Judges "Mad Men" actress Kiernan Shipka, Ninan Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway"

My Faves:

Candice Cuoco: Loved this vegan leather sheath dress with ivory vest/coat

Laurie Underwood: So chic, so NYC Fab...she should have been on TOP, as opposed to being SAFE.

Swapnil Shinde: While I did think it was waaaay too short and too tight, the voluminous design and overall creativity of transforming the typical Little Black Dress, made me think this was a winner. However...

Blake Patterson: It was Blake who got the win. Lord knows what the judges were drinking and how they excused the very poor construction, wonky/shifting side front seaming and parachute-like look of it all, but yep, they gave him the win. #GoFigure. Personally, I thought his design should have been in the bottom.

Oh and yes, he cut his finger and therefore, made some silly excuse about not being able to finish the neckline. And the judges were like "Oh, that doesn't matter". #GoFigurePartTwo

The "Oh Dear"... there's really only one obvious one...

Gabrielle Arruda: Gabrielle's black coat and white stretch knit dress was uninspired, basic and really poorly made. She looked like a woman who showed up to a bar...already DRUNK! This was judge Zac Posen's reaction to it:

Ummmm, NO!

And this above is a screen cap of the uneven cut-up hem. Oh Gabrielle!

 Bye-Bye Gabrielle--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Without further ado...Here's my RECAP of this week's Season 14 "Project Runway" Mary Kay Challenge Episode:

Let's just begin by saying that this week's episode had a
lot going on! There was the New York skyline, references to iconic
designs, Blake speaking in half-opened mouth sentences (plus his
inability to tell time), serger excuses, judges making really confusing
decisions, and best of all: NEW MOOD BAGS! Lots to discuss, shall we get

The designers all meet up with La Heidi on the
main stage, where she tells them that their next challenge "is on the
horizon" and that they will "like the view" No, they were not going to
visit Tim Gunn's fabulous Manhattan apartment. Instead, they head out to
Long Island City where they all have a spectacular view of the NYC
skyline. Tim was there to greet them along with Luis Casco, Mary Kay
Global Makeup Artist. Casco announces to the designers that this is the
Mary Kay Challenge. After Tim tells the designers that "just as NY has
its iconic architecture, fashion has its iconic design." Cue the
challenge: to put a modern twist on an iconic design, such as a pencil
skirt, trench coat, LBD, etc...

But in typical "Project
Runway" form, there has to be more. In addition to the iconic re-do,
the designers must also incorporate the NYC skyline as a result of Mary
Kay's newest makeup line "City Modern Collection." The new makeup is
inspired by city buildings and sleek architecture. I think that theme
ALONE was a good base for a challenge. I have to admit that I get a
little miffed when...

To Continue reading my RECAP on "Project Runway Blog", Click HERE