Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Laced Simply

Picking an outfit is really a torture, because, you cannot choose right away what you would want to wear. But a dress is so easy and so simple that in itself it is enough to wear. You can wear a dress in almost everything. A dress can almost match anything.

If you pick a color, monochrome itself is simplicity. Monochrome can be combined in everything as well. The sheer elegance of such monochromatic color is simple, elegant, and a beauty. It harmonizes with what you pair it with.

If you look into an abyss there is everything and nothing, likely a monochromatic color embellished with its blackness. So simple.  Yet so seemingly deep dark and mysterious.

Lace appears to be interweaving. Intertwining. It appears to be simple yet coiled detailed.

Look above! Where the sun alights. Where my outfit just is.

Laced Simply.

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