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PROJECT RUNWAY RECAPS....."Project Runway" Season 14 Recaps--EPISODE 3: Celebrity Cruises Team Challenge, "Fashion Lifeboat"

Around The World...In One Day: Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 3 Celebrity Cruises Team Challenge

This week on Lifetime's "Project Runway", the 14 designers got their first Team Challenge of the season: to create a day-to-night look inspired by an "exotic" destination where Celebrity Cruises (one of the show's sponsors) travels to. During the beginning of the episode, the Challenge was given on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship while docked in New Jersey...

I Want to See LOTS of DRAAAAMA!!!--

There were SEVEN suitcases with the specific destinations (Greek Isles, India, The Caribbean, Saint Petersburg Russia, South of France, Hong Kong and Venice Italy) and since there were 14 designers, they were to work in teams of two. Cue the DRAMA:

Three out of the seven teams were not so harmonious but these two were the worst:

Team Saint Petersburg, Joseph and Merline--Joseph put the "Turn-Off" button on singing-and-dancing Merline and basically directed her as his assistant in creating his "Mumsy" Russian Lady-Who-Lunches look. And then there was...

Team Caribbean, Edmond and Hanmiao--Edmond was safe from being OUT since he won last week's challenge but he tried all his blessed (muscled) heart, to come to a design middle ground with Hanmaio. They never achieved Team Happiness. Now, according to the way the episode was edited, it looked as if Hanmaio had most of the blame for the discord. I happen to agree with this. But who knows.

The Runway--My Favorites:

Greek Isles, Kelly Dempsey and Blake Patterson--I loved this Greece-inspired white with printed chiffon panels jumpsuit. They were Safe and therefore not on the Top or Bottom. Nevertheless, it was one of my favorites. She was SOOO sipping ouzo in Santorini at the Katikies Hotel. And it was quite an original idea!

Team India, Swapnil Shinde and Laurie Underwood--Their team (I mean, Swapnil!) chose "India" and since Swapnil is from there, he was very excited to take on this design challenge. They both created a modern, chic look inspired by the Sari. I have to say their model is STUNNING and looked like a "Miss India" walking down the runway!

Team Venice, Ashley Nell Tipton and Candice Cuoco--Their design was super bellissima and fab and deserved to be the winner. BOTH designers actually won. I thought the ensemble was fun, creative and really had the aesthetic joie de vivre of Venice and those iconic palazzos and gondolas. The model--in that look--also reminded me of...

Beatrice Borromeo, Italian heiress and wife of Pierre Casiraghi, seventh in line to the throne of Monaco

The "Oh Dear!" of the Runway:

Team Saint Petersburg, Joseph Charles Poli and Merline Labissiere--Their task was to create a look inspired by Saint Petersburg Russia. It was mumsy and a bit "Madame" as Heidi Klum said; nothing extraordinarily fashion-forward or new. On a good note: the look did remind me of something a wife of a Russian arms dealer's wife would wear to shop for a new penthouse in Saint Petersburg. Now if THAT was the challenge, they would have won!

But the Worst, by leaps and bounds...

Team Caribbean, Edmond Newton and Hanmiao Yang--This was definitely THE WORST of the bunch. Not sure where this look would end in the "Project Runway" Worst of the Worst Scale but I'm sure it would probably make Top 20. The challenge was to create a DAY to NIGHT look inspired by the Caribbean Islands. This was a day at the beach. But nothing else. And even then, that beach is a low-rent one huney! If there's anything positive I can say is that I liked the bright colors. But, that's about it.

Even the Model Ain't Happy: Edmond is Safe so...Bye Hanmiao! Enjoy your beach retreat!

Now, if you really want to know what I thought....Here's my RECAP of this week's Season 14 "Project Runway" Celebrity Cruises Team Challenge Episode:

Season 14, Episode 3: Fashion Lifeboat

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