Thursday, August 13, 2015


For this outfit post, I was attracted in doing a photo shoot in this pathway of rocks. My recent backgrounds are full of nature. I was beside with either, sunset trees, flowers, by the sea in my other outfit posts. The nature is just so beautiful in itself, so I use them in my background poses.

Being with nature, I feel a sort of connection. A peaceful , sort of like a blissful feeling is what I feel when I stay in places like these. When I breath air from trees, my lungs are filled with the freshness of air from the trees.

This modified wall of rock just enhances my outfit more. So I choose to use this as my background in this blogger outfit post. A bit of grunge from this greenery. 

I was attracted in these gravel of rocks. It is such a beauty isn't it? My printed pants just popped up by these gravel of rocks.

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