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PROJECT RUNWAY RECAPS....."Project Runway" Season 14 Recaps--EPISODE 4: "Cityscape Style" The Mary Kay Challenge

"Project Runway" Episode 4 Collage: "Dizzy Blake", Wonky Hems, Tim, Luis and NYC, Edmond "Coal Miner" and Neon Mood Bags

This past week on Lifetime's Season 14 "Project Runway", it was time for the Mary Kay Challenge: to create a look inspired by an "Iconic" fashion staple (trench coat, LBD, sheath dress, etc) PLUS...

Tim Gunn, Luis Casco...and the NYC skyline--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway" Lifetime Network

...It had to have some essence of the NYC skyline. Why? Because, Mary Kay just launched a new makeup line inspired by the cityscape of Manhattan and its architecture...or so Luis Casco, Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist, tells us.

But first, it was time to go to Mood Fabrics NYC for the first time this season and check out...

Neon Plastic See-Thru Mood Bags! I want some!!!--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Back in the workroom, little Blake could not tell time...

Oh, I Didn't Realize the Little Hand was for the Minutes: Oh Blake Patterson, I just CAN'T with you. As your fellow contestant said, either you're dumb or acting dumb, either's NOT CUTE! And PS: shouldn't you know some mathematics basics when you're making garments??? What is 1/4" plus 1/2" ? Pretend you know.

Coal Miner Edmond:

He's Prepared, Huney: I just about fell off my couch when I saw Edmond wearing this coal miner's headlamp as he was draping and pinning...God Bless Him! He came PREPARED HUUUUUNEEEYYY!!!! He's been auditioning for "Project Runway" since the first season; back in 2005. So....yeah, that boy came ready!


Judges "Mad Men" actress Kiernan Shipka, Ninan Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway"

My Faves:

Candice Cuoco: Loved this vegan leather sheath dress with ivory vest/coat

Laurie Underwood: So chic, so NYC Fab...she should have been on TOP, as opposed to being SAFE.

Swapnil Shinde: While I did think it was waaaay too short and too tight, the voluminous design and overall creativity of transforming the typical Little Black Dress, made me think this was a winner. However...

Blake Patterson: It was Blake who got the win. Lord knows what the judges were drinking and how they excused the very poor construction, wonky/shifting side front seaming and parachute-like look of it all, but yep, they gave him the win. #GoFigure. Personally, I thought his design should have been in the bottom.

Oh and yes, he cut his finger and therefore, made some silly excuse about not being able to finish the neckline. And the judges were like "Oh, that doesn't matter". #GoFigurePartTwo

The "Oh Dear"... there's really only one obvious one...

Gabrielle Arruda: Gabrielle's black coat and white stretch knit dress was uninspired, basic and really poorly made. She looked like a woman who showed up to a bar...already DRUNK! This was judge Zac Posen's reaction to it:

Ummmm, NO!

And this above is a screen cap of the uneven cut-up hem. Oh Gabrielle!

 Bye-Bye Gabrielle--Episode 4 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Without further ado...Here's my RECAP of this week's Season 14 "Project Runway" Mary Kay Challenge Episode:

Let's just begin by saying that this week's episode had a
lot going on! There was the New York skyline, references to iconic
designs, Blake speaking in half-opened mouth sentences (plus his
inability to tell time), serger excuses, judges making really confusing
decisions, and best of all: NEW MOOD BAGS! Lots to discuss, shall we get

The designers all meet up with La Heidi on the
main stage, where she tells them that their next challenge "is on the
horizon" and that they will "like the view" No, they were not going to
visit Tim Gunn's fabulous Manhattan apartment. Instead, they head out to
Long Island City where they all have a spectacular view of the NYC
skyline. Tim was there to greet them along with Luis Casco, Mary Kay
Global Makeup Artist. Casco announces to the designers that this is the
Mary Kay Challenge. After Tim tells the designers that "just as NY has
its iconic architecture, fashion has its iconic design." Cue the
challenge: to put a modern twist on an iconic design, such as a pencil
skirt, trench coat, LBD, etc...

But in typical "Project
Runway" form, there has to be more. In addition to the iconic re-do,
the designers must also incorporate the NYC skyline as a result of Mary
Kay's newest makeup line "City Modern Collection." The new makeup is
inspired by city buildings and sleek architecture. I think that theme
ALONE was a good base for a challenge. I have to admit that I get a
little miffed when...

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