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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Worst of 2015: The Most "Oh Dear!/Ayyy Mija!" Beauty Pageant Gowns of 2015 List!

Oh No! Pageant Gowns of 2015--(Clockwise, L to R) Miss Oklahoma USA (and eventual Miss USA) at Miss USA 2015; Miss Croatia at Miss World 2015 Top Model/World Dress Designer Competition (center); Miss Sucre at Miss Venezuela 2015; Miss Croatia at Miss Universe 2014-2015 Evening Gown Website Portraits; Miss Guatemala at Miss Universe 2015 (far lower left)

In my previous post HERE, I discussed my Best of 2015 Pageant Gowns so now, it's time for my Worst of 2015 List. These gowns were a combination of Too Mucheey, UBER Pageant Betty, Too Hoochie (Slit-a-licious), or just a Gown Mess. So, let's get to the "Uh No!" Beauty Pageant Gowns...

Let's begin with Miss USA 2015:

Miss Oklahoma USA (and Miss USA 2015) Olivia Jordan--Yes, she won Miss USA 2015 and was the 2nd Runner-up at Miss Universe (good for her!) but...if
I was a judge at the Miss USA (and I guess there are reasons why I wasn't) I would have scored her very, very low on this gown. On a
good note: I liked the bubblegum pink color. But beyond that: NOT SO
MUCHEEY. This is a 
Quinceañera Hot Mess. It also reminds me of a "Gone With Wind" Costume...for Barbie!
Somehow the judges liked it but I was definitely NOT a fan. This is a
crinoline ball gown mess. But, obviously, that did not matter; she still won the pageant. Sometimes what gown these girls wear matters and...sometimes it does not. 

Rashontae Wawrzyniak Miss Michigan USA: GURL! That is A LOT of
Horsehair trimmed bell sleeve! I get the DRAMA of this dress but...it's
two minutes from a Fashion Students' Sophomore Runway Show creation--and
looking "Elvira Pageant". Definitely one of the Worst of 2015. Poor gown choice especially since she is so beautiful. It's one thing if the contestant ain't that pretty and she makes a bad gown decision, it's a whole other thing, when you are gorgeous and you have questionable taste. 

Miss Venezuela 2015--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Nueva Esparta Genesis Saavedra: One of the most "Oh Dear!" gown offenders this year at the Miss Venezuela 2015 Pageant was this gown by Douglas Tapia.
It was definitely TOO MUCHEEY. Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the work and scroll-like cascades,
but when you combine that with the sequins, and those OVER-THE-TOP
earrings, the entire look is an "90's Disney Mermaid Princess Gone Wrong". It's like Disney and Sea World had a sordid affair in the 90's and the off spring ended up in a South American Beauty Pageant.

But there was worse...

Miss Sucre Maydeliana Diaz: Oh "Big Bird"! Talk about over
designed. This is a prime example of waaaaayyyyyy TOO MUCH: The sequins,
the applique, the feathers. Designer Hugo Espina must have been
on a "Let's put everything and the kitchen sink" kick when he came up
with this. While the audience thought it was a big hit, this would have
made very "Oh No!" headline in the fashion news. This had to be the Worst Gown of the Miss Venezuela 2015 Beauty Pageant--and therefore one of the "Uh Oh!" of my 2015 List. And I still cannot believe that someone felt it was really necessary for her to have those over-the-top earrings, in addition to this big ol' mess of a dress. Ridiculous. Fire the stylist. Ahora.

Miss World 2015------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Marijana Marcovic: Believe it or not, this cha-cha ruffled and pointed bustier mess was one of the Top 10 Finalists of the Miss World 2015
"Best World Fashion Designer Dress".  Not kidding, because I wish I was (what are those judges drinking??). This black and silver
trimmed black and gold trimmed hi-lo design was created by Carmen Line according to the Miss
website. It is tacky and very "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". The
pointed strapless neckline is not just obnoxious but would be ripped to
shreds by any red carpet correspondent if this was ever worn to a major event. Speaking of pointed...

Miss Croatia Maja Spahija: Where do I begin with the design cray-cray.
Maybe the pointed front bustier/torso "rabbit ears" might be a good
start. I can only imagine this design in front of the "Project Runway"
judges and we know Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum would have a
FIELD DAY! And if the kooky pointed front wasn't enough, look closely,
there's a candy colored tulled underskirt. Cray-cray for sure. On a good
note, I do appreciate all the pattern and technical work that probably
went into creating all those torso paneled sections.

Miss Aruba Nicole Van Tellingen: Will someone please tell Nicole--and
whoever designed this--that it's not 1994 but 2015. The gold lace mini
dress with the acid orange/red tulle overskirt reminds me of a cheap
knock-off of a late 80's/early 90's Christian Lacroix creation. Maybe
she was trying to be "Designer Retro"...who knows.

Miss Netherlands Margot Hanekamp: On a good note--Margot looks like
she would be fun at a cocktail party! On a not-so-good note--this dress
is a big ol' tacky mess. The gold lace, the "Dynasty"-like shoulder, the
too short front, her hair style, THAT one TOO-BIG earring...Who told
her this was a stylish look? Poor thang.

Miss British Virgin Islands Sasha Wintz: Looking at this gown hurts my
eyes. There's so much polyester here in the cheap satin and cheap lace
that I am afraid if someone with a lighter gets too close to her, she
might catch on fire! On the design front, the horizontal ruching and
lace-and-diamante top, the diamante trim on the dress...PLUS...the
mermaid shape...this is just beyond tacky-licious.

Miss Germany Albijona Muharremaj: When I look at this dress, all I can
think of is an episode from "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". There are so
many things wrong with this: the cheap $2.99 a yard red stretch sequin
fabric, the nude illusion with red sequin detail at the torso and then
the poly chiffon back panels. She looks like the hostess in a very
off-the-strip Vegas strip club.

Miss Cyprus Rafaela Charalampous: Oh Rafaela. What were you (and your
designer) thinking? OK, let's get this out of the way: it's a black
netting dress black hot shorts underneath. And this is considered stylish?
Where? I don't even think the tackiest of the Kardashian sisters would
have worn this, even before they were multi gazillionaires. This has to be one of the worst of 2015 Beauty Pageant Gowns. Tacky as tacky can be.

Miss Sweden Natalia Fogelund: Just when you thought you'd seen a lot
of Cray-Cray, in walked Miss World Sweden. Just take a look at this torn
tulle black and white mess. It's like she went through a hurricane or
tornado...or maybe a paper shredder. Wow. And for that, she gets my inclusion here on my Worst Pageant Gown of 2015 List.

Miss Universe 2014 (which occurred in January of this year)---------------------------------------------

Miss Croatia Ivana Misura: There's no way around it, there is WAAAY
too much sheer. And the applique placements on the sisters and her
you-know-what aren't helping. I think the red sequin applique is
actually quite nice, I just wish that I could get some more of it and
cover Ivana up! She was competing for Miss Universe NOT Miss Hoochie!

Miss India Noyonita Lodh: Petite Noyonita (her stats said she's 5' 6"
but you know that means she's more like 5' 5" if not shorter)...anyhow,
Miss Universe India looks like a cheap stripper in this very sheer dress
with silver paillettes. It's not cute or tasteful and then there's
those too clunky nude platform heels! There's nothing that says I AM TOO
SHORT more than showing these kind of shoes. The whole look screams "Ayyyy Mija!".

Miss Guyana Niketa Barker: Not a fan of the "pick-up" peplum and
mermaid bottom section; it screams Prom-and-Pageant...and tacky. Plain and simple: NO PICK-UP POUFS, PLEASE!!!

Miss Lithuania Patricija Belousova: This dress looks as if her grandma--or first year fashion school
student--made it. Here's some advice to her: watch past Miss Universe
Pageants and what the Winner wore. Try and copy it. She looks like she's going to a Sweet Sixteen party in some remote village of her country.

Miss Mauritius Pallavi Gungaram: How could the very pretty Pallavi not
know this is a mess??!! While I like the deep fuchsia color and I can
(almost) like the skirt section--sans the big ol' sequined and applique
"bow"--the entire thing is a big ol' mess. I can almost hear the
photographers thinking "GURL! This gown is a DEFINITE No...but go ahead,
we'll take the photo nonetheless!".

Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer: Oh Valentina! She is so sexy and
pretty (and her body WITHOUT this gown is SLAMMIN'!) but...this dress is tacky. This bugglegum pink velvet concoction just screams "AVN
Awards"; the scooped front slit/opening, the velvet, the fit, oh
and then the silver crystal trim. No Mija!

Miss Aruba Digene Zimmerman: Digene walked onstage during the Miss Universe 2014 Preliminaries and it was a "Oh No
She Didn't!". First, we saw that she was wearing a lilac printed dress
of sorts with a sequined bodice but then, she did this:

And I was like "OOOOOOHHHH!" I have to say that I give her
"At-a-Girl" points for even going there (and I am sure lots of Aruba
drag queens crowned her their next IDOL!), however...I just can't
believe she wore a sequined swimsuit with an attached printed chiffon
skirt! It was A) nervy but on a style level, a little Tacky-Licious. And
B) yes, therefore, she is in my "Uh OH!" List of 2015.

Miss British Virgin Islands Jaynene Jno Lewis: File under "Bless Your
Heart". I get that probably Jaynene and the Miss British Virgin Islands
Organization may not have the gown budget of the Miss USA, Miss Russia (Elie Saab Haute Couture!!), or Miss Ukraine (Zuhair Murad Haute Couture!!)
but this canary yellow poly satin mermaid silhouette gown is tacky-licious. The bust fit is bad and I cannot get past the ripply side
seams. I have to say, when you are competing on this level--at the Miss
Universe--there is NO EXCUSE; either spend the money or bow out

Miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner: Chanel wore this bubblegum pink colored
strapless gown that yes, featured a peacock feathered train. Oh and if
that wasn't enough, it had a a slit/opening and naturally, that wasn't
enough so...she styled it with tacky too-high crystal Stripper Heels. I
don't even know where to begin with this. I feel bad for the birds
whose feathers were plucked for this. This gown would have been actually kind of nice if it was just a flared column all in the pink crepe satin
without the opening and definitely without the "National Costume"-like
feathered detail. It's almost garish bad.

Miss Universe 2015-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss British Virgin Islands Adorya Baly: Oh why is Miss British Virgin Islands almost always on my "Uh Oh!" List. I feel bad. Well, with that said, let me begin on a good
note--I love the canary yellow color. And I do like the flower-like
sequin appliques. Where it all goes a bit tacky is the sheer netting,
the center front plunging neckline showing her too-mucheey cleavage.

Miss Ghana Hilda Frimpong: Oh Hilda, it looks like you are
leaving the pageant world and walking straight on to the set of the next
Real Housewife of (fill in the blank). I usually discuss the "Slit
Happy" Pageant Gals but seriously, Miss Universe Ghana and this dress
took the Slit thang to another level; there are two slits and depending
on how she walks, you could probably almost see her you-know-what. There's
nothing cute about this. It's very "Oh Dear!"

Miss Japan Ariana Miyamoto: Miss Japan was one of the Semi-Finalists at this year's Miss Universe pageant. Until the judges saw this gown...It was Star Trek-Meets-Trashy AVN Awards. I
just don't know why such a pretty girl would do this to herself; or
make such a lack of taste level judgement. I just do not get it, the
real point of the Evening Gown Competition--besides having the judge see
their "poise" and "elegance", it is also to see if they have a level of
taste. After all, if you are the new Miss Universe, you'll be walking
many Red Carpets, and you don't want to end up on the WORST List. Here,
with this gold high side-slit pleather concoction with black and white
printed chiffon back details, Miss Universe Japan failed.

Miss Bulgaria Radostina Todorova: As they say in the South:
"Bless Her Heart", which really translates to "GURL, you are a Mess!".
This is sweet and cute, if she was 18 and it was a New Year's Eve Dance
in Missouri. But it ain't, it's THE MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT! The dress
looks off-the-rack, cheap, it's too short...well, I'll just stop there.
I, at least, give her points for wearing strappy heels and not those
clunky platform heels.

Miss Venezuela Mariana Jimenez: This white gown worn by Miss Venezuela for the Miss Universe 2015 Finals was a big disappointment. I expected more--or at least something more sophisticated, slightly more sexy and certainly more "Red Carpet Couture"-worthy. This Raenrra-designed dress was none of that. She looks like a woman twice her age, at the wedding of her daughter! It wasn't Too-Mucheey and it certainly wasn't "Oh Dear!", it was just nothing extraordinary or outstanding and in fact, it was dated. And I haven't even begum discussing those awful sheer sleeves and torso/neckline...Ayyy Mija! I still can't understand why she didn't wear any of those other gowns from her year's Miss Venezuela pageant!

Miss Serbia Dasa Radosavljevic: This gold sequin dress is fine if
you are a background dancer at a Cruise Ship's Dinner Theater show, but
it looks cheap and tacky for Miss Universe. I could find this fabric
for $2.99/yard in Downtown LA. That's not a good thing.

Miss Hungary Nikoletta Nagy: I love canary yellow (as I have said previously in this blog) but the
combination of the bright cheap poly satin with the gold lace and then gold
sequins and the (yeah, there's more!), crystal straps in the front
torso...it's all a bit cheap-looking and Tacky-licious. It's also very
Quincieniera "Ayyy Mija!".

But the Award for Worst Gowns of 2015 at Miss Universe is...

Miss Guatemala Jeimmy Aburto: Miss Guatemala Universe wore two gowns--not just one--that were worthy of being on my Worst of 2015 List. The one on the left is what she wore for the Preliminaries. If
the rather garish fuchsia-pink sequins weren't enough, somehow the
designer decided that it needed more as in clown-like bias hemmed
ruffles at the bottom plus nude netting and then let's just do silver
diamantes to fill in the space....This would be fun if it was a Gay Pride Float for Drag Queen Mermaids. But it isn't.

And then, the gown on the right is what she wore for the Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown Website Portraits. Pink stretch lace--and silver
crystals--plus the mermaid "lite" shape...well, they all add up to Pageant Betty Oh Dear! She is very pretty and that pose is indeed, impacting.
But, the gown...oh the gown: it's Too-Mucheey and Tacky. Can we please give the Miss Guatemala Organization some Fashion/gown help??!! Por favor?

So....the honor of Worst Pageant Gowns of 2015 Goes to...

It's a TIE:

Miss Sucre Maideliana Diaz at Miss Venezuela 2015 and her "Big Bird" Monstrosity of a Gown that was Too Muchey, Too  1987 and Too Chonchee...and her Co-winner is... 

Miss Guatemala Jeimmy Aburto at Miss Universe 2015 for this pink sequins and nude illusion clown ruffle trimmed "Pageant Mermaid". 

Let's hope that Beauty Pageant Contestants in 2016 learn from these ladies and do not make similar Gown Mistakes. Or...maybe pray that they do! So, we have something to write about!

Happy New Year!!!

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SASHES AND TIARAS....Best of 2015 List: Best Beauty Pageant Gowns of 2015! **UPDATE: Just added Miss Universe 2014-2015 Gowns!

Best Pageant Gowns of 2015--(Clockwise L to R), Miss Philippines Universe; Miss Colombia Universe 2015/2016; Miss Lebanon at Miss World 2015; Miss Vietnam at Miss Universe 2015 Preliminaries; Miss Colombia Universe; Miss Thailand Universe

Well Pageant Fans, it's that time again: My End of the Year Best and "Uh Oh!" Lists. As usual, in 2015 I covered lots of international and national pageants--in relation to one of my favorite subjects: the Evening Gowns--giving my insight and analysis on the Good, Oh Dear! and Pageant Betty of Beauty Pageant Gowns throughout various competitions during the year so...in following with tradition here on my blog, it's time for my Best of 2015 Beauty Pageant Gown List.

And don't you worry, following this will be the "Oh Dear!/Ayyy Mija!" List of 2015.

But for now, here were some of my FAVORITE Pageant Gowns of 2015. I've divided them by pageant, staring with...

Miss Universe 2015---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez-Arevalo: I absolutely LOVED this
gown! It was one of my favorites from the Miss Universe 2015
Preliminaries and it was probably THE BEST one of the Miss Universe 2015
Finals. It was exquisitely made, fit UBER perfect, the crystals looked
INCREDIBLE on stage; it reminded me of a $100,000 Atelier Versace-like
gown. This strapless column design was both Pageant Perfect as well as
Red Carpet Fabulous (Take note Miss Venezuela Organization!). Every
national pageant in the world should take note of what a pageant girl
should wear. Oh, and notice, there is no HOOCHIE too-high slit, and we
can't see the platform heels. What a novel evening gown idea! 

Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong: Wow. I loved this gown when she wore it for the Miss Universe 2015 Preliminaries
and I still loved it at the Finals. This ivory satin and silver crystal
embellished gown was EVERYTHING. This, by the way (note to Miss USA
Olivia Jordan) is how you "do" a cape! If there was any critique, it's
the shoes she wore; not a fan. Strappy heels next time. This lovely woman is almost six
feet tall and there's no need for those platform heels. 

Miss France Flora Coquerel: Flora looked stunning onstage at the
Miss Universe 2015 Finals. When she walked out in this red strapless
gown, she literally took my breath away. Especially with the clean
styling and chic swept-back hair. The gown fit her beautifully and
looked architecturally perfect on her. I also LOVED that she chose NOT to
wear those tacky ubiquitous Stripper Platform Heels. Merci Flora.
She knew better and instead, opted for modern T-strap heels. I feel
this gown and styling clinched her spot in the Top 5. For sure. Elegant, sexy, impacting. And yes, Classy.

Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach: Pia wore a different gown for the Preliminaries (which I wasn't a 100% fan of, it was a bit dated and not so SUPER-fab).
Well, thank goodness, she changed. For the Finals she wore a royal blue
silk gazar gown designed by Filipino designer Albert Andrada. His
inspiration for Pia’s evening gown was "The Pearl of the Orient". He said this of the gown: "Tiny sapphire colored crystals are mixed
with the bead work and cascade towards the front of the gown,
representing beautiful sands of our beaches...the gown has a hem of
draped multiple folds at the back, which are like fins of the different
beautiful fishes found in Philippine waters. The color blue represents
the tranquility of the deep blue Philippine seas as well  as a tribute
to Pia’s queenly beauty. Blue was also her choice of color to wear to
Miss Universe." It was a gorgeous and impacting gown.

**UPDATE: Thanks to a keen Blogger reader here, I forgot to include the Very Good Gowns from the Miss Universe 2014 Pageant that actually DID OCCUR in 2015--January 2015 to be exact so...Thank You for reminding me Dear Blog Reader! 

Here are some Gowns from the Miss Universe 2014-2015 Pageant which made the Best of 2015 List:

Miss Colombia (and eventual Miss Universe 2014) Paulina Vega: One word: WOW! When Paulina walked onstage
in this shimmery silver sequined column gown, I gasped! Paulina looked magnificent--like the perfect winner! The
gown fit PERFECTLY. It was modern, red carpet fab, had stage presence,
and her styling was fresh, modern and on-point. This gown certainly is worth placing it here on my Best of 2015 List.

Paulina was Two-for-Two because not only was her "Finals" gown Fab enough for inclusion on my Best of 2015 List but so was her "Evening Gown Portrait" Gown:

This gown above was also superb. The
golden\nude sequined bias-cut dress is perfect for an A-List Hollywood
actress at any top awards show. Paulina looks every bit a STAR in this
style which features a plunging neckline and delicate shoulder-grazing
crystal straps. This was a classic, beautiful well-done gown. Bravo on both Paulina (and her Miss Colombia Organization style/glam squad!).

Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha: I just about dropped my dinner and glass of red wine...when I saw Miss Universe Ukraine wear one of my favorite gowns from the Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall 2014 collection.
Yes, kids, it's COUTURE! And would cost in the high regions of
$100,000+ if you were to order it! The strapless silk organza gown
features all hand-sewn crystals (the gown is also HAND SEWN!), an
asymmetrical front silhouette with exaggerated cascade drapes. I also
loved that she did an elegant center-front parted high bun to give it an added extra "I'm a DIVA who is wearing a
FABULOUS $100,000 gown!" exclamation mark. One of the Best of 2015 Beauty Pageants!

Miss Russia Yulia Alipova: Miss Universe Ukraine wasn't the only
contestant wearing actual Paris Haute Couture...Miss Russia was not
about to be overshadowed darlings! Yulia wore another of my favorite
gowns of 2015 in this crimson red silk satin ball gown from Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2013.
This gown is absolute perfection: it's Grace Kelly Hollywood Glamour
classic, elegant and features all the details of a true Couture dress.
It is all hand made, has hand sewn crystal applique and the folded skirt
drapes add exuberant sweeping drama. Ball Gown Perfection!

Miss Russia was also Two-for-Two during the Miss Universe 2014 pageant which aired in January of this year (2015)--She also wore another $100,000+ costing Haute Couture gown and this was just for the "Evening Gown Portraits":

Miss Russia Yulia Alipova wore this Elie Saab Haute Couture from his Fall 2014 collection for the Miss Universe 2014 Website's Evening Gown Portraits. This gown is truly a work of Couture art! And probably cost about
$175,000. Not sure if she actually ordered it and bought it, or she may
have a very, very rich Russian Arms Dealer boyfriend who did! Or she
pulled lots of strings to borrow it from the Elie Saab Press
Office...whatever she did, I'm glad! The dramatic ball gown shape, the
incredible print, the hand-placed strawberry-colored flower sequin
appliques on the bodice and torso area...this gown is one of those
dresses that can SHUT IT DOWN once she steps on stage. Bravo for Yulia and her two gowns making it in my Best of 2015 List.

Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell: I loved this red gown worn by
Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell. She was one of the favorites to win the
crown and I can see why; she exuded major confidence, she's beautiful,
and has THE sexiest/sassiest runway walk! This red sequined
applique gown could have gone a bit tacky-licious but the mini cap
sleeve, high neck, lack of HOOCHIE slit, and her slicked pixie
hairstyle...among other things...brought it all into chic, red carpet
fab! Very good!

Miss Spain Desiree Cordero: Desiree wore one of my favorite gowns of the pageant. It was a
strapless silver/ivory fitted Siren-like gown that featured exquisitely placed
sequins and jewels. The fit was fabulous and she stunned onstage. Loved it!

Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos: I loved this Gionni Straccia-designed
off-the-shoulder ivory sequined gown on Migbelis. I have to BOW down to
the Gionni Straccia Atelier in Caracas (or wherever he has these gowns
made) because that sequin and jewel work is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I think Migbelis did herself a disservice by putting her hair in the front; she looked
like she had NO NECK. She should have pushed her hair back. But taking her hair out of the equation, this gown was Pageant Perfection.

Miss World 2015------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Lebanon Valerie Abou Chacra: GORGEOUS. Yes. Definitely. Miss
Lebanon was one of the favorites to win the Miss World crown and I can see why.
This gown was STUNNING. It was a design from Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture collection.
The gown featured a plunging neckline, long sleeves, nude silk tulle
with hand-sewn ivory beads and crystals and a full gathered overskirt
sewn onto a column gown. This gown probably retails for about $100,000 if you were to place an order (and you were the wife of a Chinese Billionaire!). I
am sure she didn't pay that and it was borrowed. Needless to say, it always nice to see an actual Haute Couture gown in a beauty pageant. Thank you Zuhair Murad and Thank you Miss Lebanon Organization.

Some of my other Best of 2015 from the Miss World 2015 Beauty Pageant included:

Miss Cote d'Ivoire Andrea N'Guessan: Love this gown on the
beautiful Miss Cote d'Ivoire. The black and white sequined style was
chic and sexy. I also loved the gold earrings styled with it.

Miss Fiji Brittany Hazelman: Stunning. This red column gown with
gold "necklace"-like neck trim was sublime. I wish I had a photo of her
back because it was FABULOUS!

Miss Gabon Reine Ngotala and Miss Georgia Nino Karalashvili: Both
of these gowns were great! Love them both. Miss Gabon was Mermaid Fab
ad Miss Georgia's metallic column was ready for the red carpet.

Miss Puerto Rico Keysi Vargas: I loved this strapless red lace
and organza gown. It was very "Met Ball" dramatic and unique. She really
was "Done" from head to toe! Muy Bien Puerto Rico.

Miss Philippines Hillarie Parungao: Hillarie's gown for the Miss World Top Model/Designer of the World Competition was gorgeous and very feminine. The pink fit-to-flare style designed by Mak Tumang featured silver
sequined applique leaf-like scrolls as well as straight-line crystals on
the diagonal throughout the body of the dress. So beautiful, delicate, and Pageant Perfect!

Miss International 2015----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Venezuela (and eventual Miss International 2015) Edymar Martinez wore an ivory tulle gown designed by Venezuelan pageant gown designer Hugo Espina. The gown featured an open neckline covered in
nude mesh, "bell" sleeves, a satin waist tie, straight silhouette with
long dramatic train. I thought it was gorgeous. It was very impacting on
Edymar and showcased her Hollywood Red Carpet-looking image. If I had
any complaint, it would be those bell-shaped sleeves; not sure if it was
necessary to add those. But other than this, I thought this was a very
intricate and almost Couture-worthy gown.

3rd Runner-up Miss Vietnam Pham Hong Thuy Van: LOVED this
strapless ball gown on Miss Vietnam. It was so Paris Haute Couture
Fashion Week. Not sure who designed and who is running the Miss Vietnam
International Organization but in terms of her Styling Team, continue
what you are doing! She looks like an actress on the Cannes Film
Festival Red Carpet: Beautiful.

Miss Colombia Universe 2015/2016--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Choco (and eventual Miss Colombia 2015/2016) Andrea Tovar: One word--WOW! Andrea wore a golden
colored tulle and sequined lace gown with a column shape and fuller back
overskirt silhouette. The front featured a plunging neckline covered in
skin colored illusion, as well as long sleeves. Her makeup and chic
chignon, perfectly finished this look. She looked regal, and perfect! A
definite TEN! One of the Best of 2015.

Miss Venezuela 2015--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miss Trujillo Jessica Duarte: The favorite to win this year's Miss Venezuela, Jessica Duarte wore this creation by Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina.
The look was BEYOND impacting. She began with the purple taffeta coat
which then she took off to reveal the blush colored pearl/caviar beaded
gown with side nude illusion insets. Trust me, the impact of her taking
off the coat was EVERYTHING! I liked the gown and all that pearl/caviar
beading but I wasn't such a fan of the deep side "nude"/illusion
insets; it didn't have to go so deep on the hip. But, to me, it was
one of the best overall evening gown looks of the pageant and of 2015.

Miss Cojedes Arriany Barrios: Arriany wore this very elegant and red carpet-ready gown from designer Valentina Cedeño. The one shoulder gown featured a nude-colored gazar section and black and silver sequined detail. One of my favorites!

Miss Falcon Herliz Ruiz: I really liked Miss Falcon's light blue
gown. The design featured interesting silver paillette sequin detail and
it fit her very well. I also liked that she looked "modern" and didn't
have the big ol' Pageant Betty hair: Gracias!

Miss Yaracuy Gessica Fiume: Jessica wore this one shoulder ivory with silver sequins creation from Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina.
The gown was very impacting. But, I argue, it should have been on a
different contestant--in another year--maybe a darker skinned girl with a
chignon hairstyle. This gown was not for this contestant.But, it was
still one of my Top Favorites.

Miss Zulia Yennifer Gonzalez: I liked this dusty pink mermaid-shaped silk zibeline gown designed by Venezuelan designer Douglas Tapia. The silhouette worked for her very statuesque
figure, and the jeweled sequin work was exquisite and properly placed up
top. This was one of the Top of 2015 Pageant Gown styles. I'm sure it will be knocked off by Pageant Gown "designers" ASAP, if it hasn't already.

**Of Note: ANY of these gowns above would have been better than what this year's Miss Venezuela at Miss Universe Mariana Jimenez wore to the Preliminary and Finals. Not sure why she didn't. But she should have!

Miss USA 2015--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Candice Bennatt Miss Louisiana USA: I really liked Candice's
gown--it was a strapless ivory gown with silver-to-gold sequin-like
applique. It was very nice. I'm not a fan of the nude/illusion panel in
the front neckline bodice but I will let it go this time since it was one of the best from this year's Miss USA pageant.

Mame Adjei Miss Maryland USA: Mame was one of my TOP FAVORITE
contestants at this year's Miss USA 2015. She was so exotic, so
beautiful--and almost won America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 as well! She wore this black applique and see-though gown for the
Miss USA 2015 Finals. I thought she looked very impacting in this style and was one of the better sheer/applique gowns from 2015. If there was a no-no, it was that the
too-sheer section went a bit too high and verged on Hoochie. But, her
gorgeous beauty made me overlook that.

Anea Garcia Miss Rhode Island USA 2015: Anea wore this ivory silk
crepe column gown with illusion and silver Swarovski crystal studded
center front panel. I thought this gown looked familiar when I first saw
it, and of course, I realized why: this gown was worn at the Miss Venezuela 2014 Pageant  by Scarliz Coa "Miss Apure". The gown was designed by Valentina
I have a very good feeling that this is the exact same gown,
since Miss Apure has a very similar body type; therefore this is a
borrowed sample. I really liked this gown and thought it was statuesque
and very "Miss Universo". Unfortunately, Anea "Miss Rhode Island USA"
had trouble walking in it (not sure why since the gown had that big ol' back
godet/train! It might have been about an inch too long). But it was one of the Best Gowns of the Miss USA 2015 and therefore this year overall (even though it was originally from last year--LOL!).

Miss Lebanon 2015---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Miss Lebanon Organization keeps on surpassing all others as a Gown Gorgeous Beauty Pageant--featuring gown designs from Lebanese-born Haute Couturier (and J Lo and Sofia Vergara favorite) Zuhair Murad. He is a Judge and I assume "Creative Director" for Miss Lebanon and therefore provides very, very, VERY expensive gowns for the Miss Lebanon contestants. They may not all be runway model size zero or 5' 11" but they sure as heck will fit into them! And I'm glad they do...the gowns from this year's pageant were some of the Best of 2015, including the Top Three gals:

Top Three Zuhair Murad Gals--(L to R) Valerie Abou Chacra
(winner), Jocelyne Mosleh, and Cynthia Samuel--Miss Lebanon 2015 Finals

Gowns worn by the First and Second Runner-Up--Zuhair Murad Resort 2016

Valerie Abou Chacra, the eventual Miss Lebanon 2015, wore this sheer white
sequined one shoulder gown with a side front overlap/slit and double
wrapped belt from Zuhair Murad Resort 2016

Cheers to a Fab 2015 Pageant Year and to all the Ladies who wore Fabulous gowns!

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