Monday, October 26, 2015

Puerto Galera Part 1

I attended a Birthday celebration of my friend. Luckily it is in Puerto Galera. They have a beach resort there, so the stay for a night is free. I enjoyed my stay in Puerto Galera. Everything is like bliss. The sun, the sea, the white sand, the beach, and the nature were all so peaceful and calming. Since it is always sunny here in my country there will be no winter and coldness. There is a little bit of typhoon and rain here and there but it is always sunny in a tropical country. Good thing that it is also only 45 minutes to 1 hour trip by the sea from my house. It was loads of fun.

If I will travel back again in this wonderful place and if my stay will be longer, I would want to do loads of things like island hopping, do some snorkelling, learn scuba diving, I will feed the fishes, sightseeing the beaches and the nature. Gosh! There are so many things to do in Puerto Galera. 

We were taking some pictures when these photobombers just joined in, it was so funny! Probably they were tourists. We did not even know that they were included in the picture it just magically appeared in my camera without even me knowing, it was so funny when some photobombers surprise you!

Anyways my readers if you want to spend holiday and you desire endless summer, come here in my country in Puerto Galera, Philippines.

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