Friday, October 9, 2015


This is basics. What I love about basics is its minimalist simplicity. Basics goes with everything. It is easy to style with. You will always look classy and stylish.

Life update: I wore this outfit when I am in Deira City Centre. I recently have gone to Dubai as to renew my resident visa. Every six months I need to renew my visa. My trip there was really fast, like only a glimpse. But I am back now in the Philippines again. Well I grew up in UAE and Philippines, juggling each country back and forth. Going to both country every six months well of course to renew my visa I need too anyways. What I love about it was when I was a little kid until now was the flight itself because there was never a year that I did not have experienced of not flying at an airplane ever. 

Well I am kinda pissed off as that because the nikon camera that I brought with me with that I borrowed from my sister to Dubai is, that I left the charger. I was freakishly annoyed that I did not bring the charger so I just used the lowly camera of my iphone 4S. I did not know that I was supposedly need to carry around a charger so I left it. I thought that I can recharge the camera with usb ports like the other camera my sister has. I need to learn about the camera techs stuffs. Yep so with my next posts my pictures here is not that HD :) .

My recent post is an outfit post "Military Crop Blazer" the link is HERE. Check out my ebook as well HERE.

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