Saturday, October 17, 2015

#CBTL The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Manila NAIA 3 Terminal

I felt the warmth of the chai tea as I sip it, combined with the oreo cheesecake. It is so good to indulge while I wait for my boarding gate to open. When I was going back to Dubai for a 6th month renewal of my visa, I think it was last last week? Haha. I decided to stop at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf located in the NAIA Airport. Sweets with chai tea are really the best. So I let the time slip by as I sip the chai tea, take a bite of my oreo cheesecake, little by little until no more is left, nothingness.

There is also a free wifi service while I wait, so I am just checking my blog and my social medias as well. I also read mangas while I wait. When I am waiting, I felt as though the time stretched. I perceived time to be slow and long. So while I was calmed by the essence of the chai tea, the time I perceived is also slower than usual, well maybe because of the waiting as well. Time slows down while I wait, pretty mind boggling. 

I told you back then that I am so stupid for having left the charger of the camera, so painstakingly annoying.

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