Wednesday, October 21, 2015

M detailed Sheer Top

I was roaming around this beach in Puerto Galera. If you dream of living in a country where it is always summer just go to my country and you can experience an endless summer. I have not experienced winter or the current season which is fall. Because in my country it is always summer. 

In my country it is always summer because of course I live in a tropical country. I wore this outfit when I attended an event that is the birthday of my friend. I was just roaming around the beach when these pictures were taken.  I will tell about that event later in my next post. 

Where I have been is just a great place. Tourists around the world go here in Puerto Galera. If you want more information about Puerto Galera I suggest googling it a bit. When I have gone to Puerto Galera. Well it is only 1 day and a night. I would have done so many things if it were longer. But someday I will. Someday I will come back again. I hope.

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