Thursday, September 3, 2015


There are times that we look back at our memories with bright smiles at our faces. You remember such memories that you want to live at this moment. It is really great when you look back at those times. Prom is one of those moments that you would want to look back, that you would live to tell others. Such memories will be shared through stories, through pictures in social media in our generation. We are always updated with each other through our social media platforms. Of course you would not want to have a fashion disaster would you?

That is why I collaborated with Promtimes to tell you that you can create good memories. You will remember that time when you wore your dream dress at your prom. When you walk at that red carpet at that prom event wearing that beautiful dress that dream dress of yours. 
The good thing about Promtimes is that they have dresses that you can afford. These are the affordable Prom Dresses under  £50

Promtimes also has wedding dresses. That is an event that is to look forward too as well. You would want to clearly remember that day when you would walk in your wedding with that beautiful wedding dress. It is an event that your friends and family is included.  I will share with you as well these affordable Wedding Dresses that are under £100

Your friends and family that will attend your wedding are to be bridesmaids. Of course you would want them to look at their best dresses as well. In Promtimes they also have affordable Bridesmaid Dresses that are under £50.

These events are life changing. You would want to look back at such times with great style, confidence, and that dream dress you would always want to look back. Feel free to check out Promtimes.

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