Sunday, September 6, 2015

Monochrome Floral

Everything blooms. In a new beginning there is a new path. Unforeseen yet awakening, you can feel that this is it, beckoning, calling.  In a road that has too many lanes, there exists a path. What will you chose? Will you go to a pathway that is full of danger, feeling turmoil and leaving with experiences of dreadful chaos but gaining wisdom and accomplishment you could ever hope for? Will you go to a pathway that is much easier, having loads of help from your allies and gaining joyful experiences?  

In life when you arrive at a situation, there is this feeling that this has happened before. It is likely a déjà vu. But it cannot be right? Cause you are in this path only. You are in this single moment. How can a déjà vu exist? But this gripping feeling that this has happened before, this happened. It really did. Somewhere before, I do not know how. I do not know when. But it did. Did it really? Not sure. Then again you cannot be sure if this is the only reality, if you exist only in this moment. There can be other universes out there. We can exist in multiversity.

A flower blooms, towards the bright light. Beneath the monochrome darkness, it still blooms. Beckoning, calling a new path. Awakening, It is. This flower is so beautiful, as it blooms. Its petals flourish. Its leaves are vibrant green. It is breathing. Alive.

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Monochrome Floral Long T shirt  Link // here //

Black Blazer

Black boots

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