Thursday, September 17, 2015

STYLE WEEK OC.....KTLA Morning News "Style Week OC" Runway Fashion Segment: Photos + Video!

KTLA Morning News Style: Nick Verreos and KTLA Channel 5 Morning News co-anchor --discussing Style Week OC 2015 "Celebrity Cruises Design Competition"--KTLA Channel 5 Studios Hollywood

This past Monday--after the fabulous weekend debut of STYLE WEEK OC at Fashion Island, which I hosted--I had to be at the KTLA Channel 5 studios in the heart of Hollywood for an appearance on the No. 1 L.A. Morning News program--KTLA Morning News--to talk Style Week OC and the "Celebrity Cruises Design Competition"...

Fashion Van: Nick Verreos at the KTLA Channel 5 Hollywood studios, promoting "Style Week OC 2015"

Style Week OC 2015

Nick Verreos and KTLA Morning News co-anchor Jessica Holmes--KTLA Channel 5 Hollywood Studios, discussing Style Week OC 2015

FIDM designers showing their "Celebrity Cruises Design Competition" designs--KTLA Channel 5 Morning News  

Matchy-Matchy: Model Karen Manco in a Style Week OC: Fashion Island "Celebrity Cruises Design Competition" design by FIDM designer Peivand Mirzaie--KTLA Channel 5 Studios Hollywood

Fashion Group Shot: Nick Verreos with the Style Week OC "Fashion Fab Gang" of designers, models, pr, makeup---KTLA Morning News Studios Hollywood

Click below to watch Style Week OC Celebrity Cruises Fashion Segment on KTLA Channel 5 Morning News:

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