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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2015 Finals: EVENING GOWN Recap + the AY DIOS MIO/Oh My God! Moment

Miss Universe 2015 Finals Evening Gowns and Mis-Crowning--Miss Universe 2015 Finals, The Axis Theater Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas might have heard about what happened last night:

Ummm, Ladies, get closer because...

Ayyy Dios Mio: Miss Colombia, I gotta take your crown and put it on...

The real winner, Miss Philippines--The outgoing Miss Universe, Colombia's Paulina Vega, crowns Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach--Miss Universe 2015 Finals, The Axis Theater Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas

During the crowning of Miss Universe 2015, the show's host Steve Harvey announced the winner as Miss Colombia....but then, after exiting, he was approached by the stage manager and was huddled in a grouping at the back of the stage. Meanwhile, Miss Colombia, the supposed new Miss Universe, was waving, crying and thanking the rest of the contestants behind her (as well as the audience).

The Final Card--Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines!

Steve Harvey then returned and announced he had made a "mistake"--and the Announcement That Was Heard Around The World occurred: He had announced THE WRONG WINNER! The gorgeous Sofia Vergara doppelganger Miss Colombia Universe Ariadna Gutierrez-Arevalo was not the winner but instead, it was Miss Philippines Universe, the equally beautiful Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Miss Universe 2015 "Miss Philippines" Pia Wurtzbach

My better half David Paul and I were actually AT THE PAGEANT! yes, kids, we attended the Miss Universe 2015 Finals at The Axis Theater Planet Hollywood Resort& Casino in Las Vegas. Knowing how much of a pageant fan I am, David got me an early Christmas present and bought tickets to attend Miss Universe. We are both still--24 hours later--speechless over what we witnessed. Check out my Instagram HERE--I even uploaded a video of the Colombian fans' reaction the moment Steve Harvey made his announcement OOPSIE. If you think it was cringe worthy watching it on TV, I can only tell you to trust me when I say, that it was TRIPLE the "OH MY GAAAWDDDD!" feeling when you are there live.

This is the same face and hand-over-mouth look that EVERY SINGLE person in the sold-out theater had:

What The ???!!!!! Yeah, if the lovely Pia felt this way, we were there with you huney!--Miss Universe 2015 Finals, The Axis Theater Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino 

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the 26-year old 5' 8" half German half-Filipino model/actress/host/TV personality, born in Stuttgart Germany was crowned Miss Universe 2015. It may not have been the most ideal vision she--or the entire nation of the Philippines--had in mind, but she was crowned nonetheless.

Gown Gals: Top Ten and Top Five Miss Universe 2015 contestants--in their Evening Gowns--Miss Universe 2015 Finals, The Axis Theater Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas

And now, time for the really important stuff: THE GOWNS! Here's my Review of the Top Ten Gowns, with my Scores...

I'll start with the eventual winner...

Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach: Pia wore a different gown for the Preliminaries (which I wasn't a 100% fan of, it was a bit dated and not so SUPER-fab). Well, thank goodness, she changed. For the Finals she wore a royal blue silk gazar gown designed by Filipino designer Albert Andrada. His inspiration for Pia’s evening gown was "The Pearl of the Orient". The mermaid gown has a very simple front and the back revealing opulent details of sun rays made of beads, sequins and crystals, which represent the sun rising in the middle of a serene blue sea, according to Andrada. He said this of the gown: "Tiny sapphire colored crystals are mixed with the bead work and cascade towards the front of the gown, representing beautiful sands of our beaches...the gown has a hem of draped multiple folds at the back, which are like fins of the different beautiful fishes found in Philippine waters. The color blue represents the tranquility of the deep blue Philippine seas as well  as a tribute to Pia’s queenly beauty. Blue was also her choice of color to wear to Miss Universe." It was a gorgeous and impacting gown. 

Score: 9.5

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez-Arevalo: I absolutely LOVED this gown! It was one of my favorites from the Miss Universe 2015 Preliminaries and it was probably THE BEST one of the Miss Universe 2015 Finals. It was exquisitely made, fit UBER perfect, the crystals looked INCREDIBLE on stage; it reminded me of a $100,000 Atelier Versace-like gown. This strapless column design was both Pageant Perfect as well as Red Carpet Fabulous (Take note Miss Venezuela Organization!). Every national pageant in the world should take note of what a pageant girl should wear. Oh, and notice, there is no HOOCHIE too-high slit, and we can't see the platform heels. What a novel evening gown idea! Score: 9.9

Miss USA Olivia Jordan: Olivia looked absolutely beautiful onstage and was definitely one of the stronger contestants at this year's Miss Universe. In terms of her gown, I have a couple of thoughts: First, it was nice to see Olivia not wear a big ol' ball gown (she seemed to have a penchant for big "Southern Belle"-type gowns). But for the finals, she wore this white lace and sequined fitted gown with a dramatic chiffon and lace applique-trimmed cape. I wasn't a fan. She looked very "Boudoir Southern Belle". I got the concept of the gown and cape--it's very post-Tom Ford Gwyneth Paltrow-at-the-Oscars but....this look seemed too Prom-and-Pageant; the lace applique trim on the cape edge took it to a cheap level in a hot minute. And then, the not-necessary plunging torso/neckline display of her "sistahs" took it to a slightly questionable taste level. Score: 8.9 

Miss France Flora Coquerel: Flora looked stunning onstage at the Miss Universe 2015 Finals. When she walked out in this red strapless gown, she literally took my breath away. Especially with the clean styling and chic swept-back hair. The gown fit her beautifully and looked architectually perfect on her. I also LOVED that she chose NOT to wear those tacky ubiquitous Stripper Platform Heels. Merci Flora. She knew better and instead, opted for modern strappy heels. I feel this gown and styling clinched her spot in the Top 5. Score: 9.5

Miss Australia Monika Radulovic: Monika wore the same gold sequined gown with super-high center front slit that she wore at the preliminaries. I liked the overall design and impact of the gown but I had a problem with two things: that SUPER HIGH front slit/opening (it was WAAAY too close to her you-know-what) and then, she ruined the entire look with those platform heels. Score: 8.5

Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong: Wow. I loved this gown when she wore it for the Miss Universe 2015 Preliminaries and I still loved it at the Finals. This ivory satin and silver crystal embellished gown was EVERYTHING. This, by the way (note to Miss USA Olivia Jordan) is how you "do" a cape! If there was any critique, it's the shoes she wore; not a fan. Strappy heels Aniporn: You're almost six feet tall! There's no need for those platform heels. Score: 9.7

Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina: I thought Clarissa looked beautiful in this white gown at the Miss Universe 2015 Finals. The fit was great and the stage impact was grand and sweet at the same time. The gown didn't scream Elie Saab Haute Couture-level ball gown Fabulousness, but it was great nonetheless. Score: 9.4

Miss Japan Ariana Miyamoto: I love Ariana and the fact that as a hafu (half Japanese/half African American), she won the Miss Universe Japan contest and quietly gave a middle finger to all the bigoted/racist/ignorant people who gave her such pain as she grew up in Japan. But this "Star Trek"-like mess of a gown did not help her status during the Miss Universe 2015 Finals. I just do not understand the gold faux leather with the black piping and what is with the black and white printed chiffon back cape detail? It looks like a design from a first semester Fashion design student.  

Score: 7.5

Miss Venezuela Mariana Jimenez: As a designer who grew up in Venezuela, I cannot lie and say that I wasn't rooting for Mariana. But she failed me with this choice of a gown for the Miss Universe 2015 Finals. This was disappointing. I do not know what is going on with the Miss Venezuela Organization and their choice of designers but...this was not Miss Universe fab. The white dress with silver crystals was designed by Venezuelan designer Raenrra--who did a wonderful job of her "National Costume"--but this look was not exciting and the only thing it did was age her. It was also very off-the-rack looking. I just don't understand what happened between the Angel Sanchez/Gionni Straccia days...and now. Many people think the Evening Gown portion is not important. Well kids, I feel that Mariana DID NOT get to go on to the Top 5, solely based on this gown. Talk amongst yourselves...Score: 7.99

Miss Curacao Kanisha Sluis: Kanisha was a big surprise, in terms of making it to the Top Ten. I was not surprised but it has been a long time since her island has made it this far (almost twenty years!). Her red sequined lace and feathered gown was nice but a bit dated and late 90's in its styling. On a good note, it fit perfectly and she did look regal. But, as a pageant gal, you have to be very careful wearing a Sweetheart neckline gown AND doing a pouf bouffant hairdo; it's two seconds from looking "Pageant Betty". Score: 8.5

Congratulations to the new Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach "Miss Philippines"!! Gorgeous woman, beautiful gown. You deserve the WIN!!!

Check out the "Uh Oh" Miss Universe 2015 Crowning Moment:

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