Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Christmas holiday is only a few days ahead. It is a holiday that families come together. Parties will be extravagant and memorable. Being here in the Philippines it is celebrated much more differently. I am going to tell you more about our culture and how we spend our Christmas. Enjoy reading. I know how curious you are.

So called ‘ber

It is known here that if the months end in “ber”, it is already Christmas. So the duration of Christmas here is 4 months, hilarious isn’t it? As you can see Septem’ber Octo’ber Novem’ber 4 months indeed. I am just emphasizing the ‘ber part.

Succulent Lechon

In Philippine Christmas during Christmas Eve the main dish is called lechon which is in basic terms if you are not a vegan it is roasted pig. Filipinos love its succulent red crispy skin. Predominantly, well because the predominant religion is Roman Catholicism. But of course other religions exist here as well. Probably they would not eat lechon. But I am a Roman Catholic so I would.

Gift Exchanging

In this 4 month duration of the ‘ber months, every weekend an exchange gift is celebrated. In those days you will draw a random name in a raffle draw of some sort. He or she will receive a surprise gift. There is a specific ‘theme’ every week. The group might decide if it is ‘something hard’ or whatever something you can think of. Yes in those exchange gifts you will receive loads of surprise gifts and you will give a lot as well. It is so exciting unravelling that ‘something round’ you received. I mean the suspense will kill you! So fun am I right?

Abstract patterned Paról

Our decorations other than Christmas tree is paról. According to Wikipediaparól is an ornamental, star-shaped Christmas lantern from the Philippines. It is traditionally made out of bamboo and paper and comes in various sizes and shapes, but generally the basic star pattern remains dominant. The design of the paról evokes the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings to the manger. It also symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and the Filipinos' hope and goodwill during the Christmas season.

Wow you read all of that! So tell me how you spend your Christmas? This is also the last day you can join my Jexshop Giveaway!

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