Tuesday, December 8, 2015


What I totally love about Christmas is that.

There are loads of Christmas sales everywhere. Christmas sales in shopping malls. The most convenient of them all is online shopping. 
Its time to buy that branded clothes you were eyeing for maybe just maybe it will be sale now, and that new iPhone, new Apple Watch, cameras. shoes and more. 

This nostalgic feeling of watching Christmas movies and listening to festive Christmas songs. Yeah it is so comfy watching Christmas movies while drinking hot coco or tea or coffee. Oh, you can also read a bunch of novels. So if you haven't found the time to read Fifty Shades of Grey, well you have the time now.

The fun Christmas parties you were invited at where all of the fun people you knew where at! There are loads of delicious food, fun events, a great time for a binge spree. But of course you should go to the gym after that, or do some yoga, or zumba. Its fine to binge eat sometimes especially if it is Christmas.

The beautiful festive decorations. These colorful bright lights. They are so concentric and spiral I am getting high already of  thinking those patterns. Those dark alleys are now decorated with colorful bright lights. The houses on the suburbs are all so glowing and sparkly. There are beautiful areas in Parks where you can take OOTD photo shoots it so fun!

Giving gifts to children. Of course you will pretend that Santa still exist. Their expression when they receive their gift, it is just so priceless. It is so fun that they are so innocent and cute and they still believe in Santa while you give them gift. They are just so cute you will also take selfies with them I bet. 

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