Monday, November 2, 2015

Puerto Galera Part 2

This is the continuation of my adventure in Puerto Galera. So if you want to read the first part click HERE. During night time, me and my friends have gone to souvenir shops near the beach. These items really fascinated me because of their colourful patterns if captured as images this way. Also I am going to post these on my instagram anyways so. We roamed around in loads of souvenir shops.

After we’ve gone and bought some goods. We watched a great performance by the locals there. They were dancing. Not just dancing, but dancing with fire. This kind of performance is known as “fire dancing”. The vlog that I shot is a bit messy and was captured by my mobile, and I changed the music background to a sound that I think suits it more. I suggest that you repeat watching this for 5 times. So did you felt a little "bit high" while watching this vlog of mine? Just kidding.

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