Thursday, June 18, 2015

Brunch at He brews Cafe Batangas

Me, Shaira, and Aimee decided that we should eat our brunch at a newly opened cafe near out place. We arrived early just as it is opened so we are the only ones in the cafe. It is called He brews Cafe. We enjoyed our brunch at this classy cafe.

You wouldn't even believe how affordable the food in He brews Cafe. I bought Banana Chocnut a non coffee ice blended drink for only 70 philippine pesos and Carbonara for only 70 php. If you convert it in usd, 140 php is only 4 usd. So inexpensive right? You can live like a king or queen in my country as an expat haha! I'm kidding!

But as we eat, loads of people came and drink their coffee and food with us. We are so stuffed afterwards. The place is great, the coffee and food is yummy

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